Single Elimination Tournaments


Each season of the Circuit includes s simple single elimination tournament.  Players play a single game each round, with the winner advancing.

Consolation Bracket: New for Season 2, single elimination events will include a consolation bracket.  Players that lose in the main bracket will be added to a consolation bracket that is also single elimination.  Players in the consolation bracket cannot win the event, but can earn points the more they win.  The consolation bracket will likely take longer to finish than the main bracket, so the consolation bracket will not hold up the start of the next event.  Any points earned in the consolation bracket by the start of the next event will count towards seeding in the next event.  Any points earned after the start of the next event will count towards seeding in the following event.


Main Bracket

1st Place 2nd Place Round of 4 Round of 8 Round of 16 Round of 32 Round of 641 Round of 1281 Participant Bonus
1465 1045 745 535 380 270 195 140 +100

1A player receives no points for merely starting in the round of 64 or 128, such as through a bye or based on the number of players. Other than the participation bonus, you must win to earn points.

Consolation Bracket

  • 40 pts per win


Season 1, Event 2 – Format V-G1BEHF (Top Row)

Season 1, Event 9 – Format V-KA