Round Robin


Players are put into groups of 81 and will play each other player in their group once.  The top 3 will advance to a single elimination tournament.  The single elimination stage will be 1 game per round.

1The size of the groups may be changed depending on the number of players to minimize the number of groups with fewer than the maximum number of players.  If changed to groups of 6 or fewer, only the top 2 players from each group will advance.

Players will be grouped by Rank, i.e., the #1 ranked player and lowest ranked player will be in the same group, and so on.

Players will have 14 days (2 weeks) to complete their 7 games in group play.  Players may play any number of games at once, including one or all of their games at once, but any games not completed by the 14 day deadline will be marked as a tie.

Tie-breaks: For determining who advances to the single elimination stage, ties in group play are broken as follows

1) by head-to-head wins among the tied players, and then if still tied,

2) by rank (higher rank advances); anyone not advancing due to losing this 2nd tie-breaker will receive +105 pts.


  • Group Play
    • 90 pts per win (+50 points for a bye)
    • +10 pts for participating
    • +105 pts if you lose the 2nd tie-break in determining who advances
  • Single Elimination Stage
    • +105 points for players that lose their first match in this stage
    • +150 points for Round of 32
    • +210 points for Round of 16
    • +290 points for Round of 8
    • +410 points for Round of 4
    • +570 points for 2nd place
    • +800 points for 1st place


Season 1, Event 4 – Format W-C2KUA – Stage 1 ResultsStage 2 Results

Season 2, Event 1 – Format W-C2KUA