Viper and Scout Scrappers Welcome!

The Star Realms Premier Circuit is a fan created online league that showcases the top digital Star Realms players around the world.  Star Realms is a card-based deck building science-fiction tabletop game, designed by Rob Dougherty and Darwin Kastle and published in 2014 by White Wizard Games.  More about Star Realms and White Wizard Games.

We call it a “Circuit” because it is modeled after the pro tennis circuit.  Over the course of a year the Circuit consists of 9 online tournaments (including three Grand Slams) and a Season Final.  Each tournament will be run using challonge.com.

Players are ranked according to their overall point totals achieved over the previous 10 events.

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Season 2, Event 6 registration is underway.  The Event begins Jan. 29th.

Season 2, Event 5 Winner! Congrats to SonofThoth94 for defeating Kamas2408 in the finals of Event #5.  Chazzmo retook the #1 ranking.

Season 2, Event 4 Winner! Congrats to agentc13 for defeating Rhakka in the finals of Event #3.  Cbusripper took over the #1 ranking!